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Tips for Couples

Tips for Couples© by Loren Dobbs, Ph.D.

It is not your assignment to change your partner.
Those endearing characteristics that attract you early on will annoy you one year later.

Maintain appropriate boundaries with others.
Fidelity is not just about sex. It's an attitude.

Sex is about providing pleasure as well as receiving it.
Don't get lazy and avoid complacency.

Learn to solve problems rather than to blame.
Avoid addressing sensitive issues when you're overtired or inebriated. Arguing in public will only make matters worse.

Learn how to think as a couple rather than compromise.
No one likes to settle.

Respect your partner's family even if they seem strange to you.
Your greatest asset is to be a good example.

Seek couples counseling when necessary.
Relationships can fall apart when there are conflicts in goals and values.

There is no right way to break up.
Avoid being vindictive.