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Survival Tips

Tips for Survival in a Changing World© by Loren Dobbs, Ph.D.

Stay grounded. 
Do not believe everything you are thinking. Your worst fears are not predictions of the future.

Flexibility is the key to rational living.
Do not make yourself hostage to irrational goals.

Pay attention to your breathing when you are anxious or upset.
Try to breathe slower and more deeply without forcing it.

Get some support.
Everyone needs to communicate. Choose good examples and try to be a good example, as well.

Shower and put on fresh clothing when you start your day.
Even if you have no plans, try to avoid lounging in your pajamas all day.

Keep your surroundings neat and clean.
Clutter can make you depressed.

Be patient.
Everyone slips up sometimes. Learn to recover quickly and recognize that it takes time to see enduring change.

Too much leisure time is wearing.
Find meaningful activities. Avoid getting caught up in gossip.

Seek fairness, but avoid revenge.
Hate can poison one's character.

Learn to laugh more at yourself and to be more forgiving of others.

Understand that as long as you are around, the final chapter has not been written about you.